6 Easy steps to go invisible on WhatsApp without deleting it

6 Easy steps to go invisible on WhatsApp without deleting it

WhatsApp has become one of the primary messaging applications we use to keep in contact with individuals on a daily basis. Although it's all very convenient, thanks to the continual alerts and absurd forwards, it tends to get annoying.

Now, there are methods to do that if you want to drop off the radar without actually deleting the app. The app itself does not offer you the choice of' disappearing' or acting as if you were not checking your messages, there are other methods to hack it for' me moment.' Ideally, what you're doing is turning off the app in all possible ways except to completely delete it, delete and reinstall an app with all the information being awkward.

There are six simple things you can do to go invisible for a while. At any stage in time you can switch these back on and resume ordinary activity as usual. This will hide your' Last Seen'/'Online' status and your' Read Notifications'-not only will you appear offline with these measures, you will not receive notifications or end up opening the app unless you wish.

1. Record a silent video and set it as your notification tone for WhatsApp

You can't have a notification tone for WhatsApp and you can't always maintain your phone quiet, so the next best thing to do is to record your phone's silence and use it as a WhatsApp ringtone. It's simpler to pull off on the iPhone on Android, but if you really want to, you're going to handle it.

Record your phone's pin-drop silence for a few seconds, save it under a suitable file name (maybe silent ringtone, you can always be creative). Open WhatsApp, go to configurations, then select Silent Ringtone as your ringtone notification and call.

With this, you don't hear it even when you get a WhatsApp notice. You don't check your phone, therefore, unless you choose to do so manually

2. Disable WhatsApp notifications

Go to your settings on your phone, open Apps, open App list, select WhatsApp, tap Notifications, and disable all notifications. Disable vibrations as well as pop-ups.

If you receive a notification now on WhatsApp, no notifications will be received and the message will not appear on your screen. The app icon may display unchecked messages, but it doesn't matter if you pick up your phone to verify.

3. Turn off notification light for WhatsApp

After you have switched off WhatsApp notifications, switch those off for WhatsApp as well if your phone arrives with LED notifications. This will guarantee that you are not informed of a message or call on WhatsApp in any manner.

Open WhatsApp, go to Settings, go to Notifications, choose Light, then choose' None.'

You can also remove the WhatsApp shortcut from your home screen so that unless you open the primary app page, you will not see the alerts. You will continue to receive your messages, but when you choose to, you can check them.

4. Turn off mobile data for WhatsApp

You can turn off mobile data for WhatsApp just to take that extra step and make sure you don't get any emails until you want to. Go to environments on the mobile, open Apps, open Apps list, select WhatsApp, and press Stop Force.

5. Disable background data for WhatsApp

This only operates for computers running Android. Within the Phone Settings Data Option, disable Background Data and revoke all WhatsApp app permissions. What this does is kill the app without deleting or uninstalling it. However, this will begin working again the very moment you open the app-but we've already told you how to disregard notifications so...

6. Do not open WhatsApp after hitting the ‘Force Stop’ button

If you don't want the sender to receive a ' Double Tick ' notification indicating that the message was delivered (and received on your device), don't open WhatsApp after hitting the ' Stop Force ' button. All these steps can be undoed as and when you choose. Happy shutdown!