8 Best projectors to consider for your home cinema


In any home cinema set-up, projectors are critical. While TVs are a great way to deliver true 4 K HDR content, you are unlikely to get a 75-inch image – well, unless you want to refinance your home or move into a mansion.

But if you have a strong projector, 75-inches is just the start. Whether you want to spray Blu-ray movies across a large white wall, magnify your gaming experience, or throw pictures and slides from a mobile device onto a 100-inch plus screen, your first option should be a home cinema projector.

The best projectors 2019 overview:

  1. BenQ HT3550 (2019) https://amzn.to/2AH4DaS
  2. BenQ HT2550 (2018) https://amzn.to/359HGLP
  3. BenQ TK800 (2018) https://amzn.to/2IxELmq
  4. JVC DLA-X5900 (UK-only, 2018) https://bit.ly/2ANn4uI
  5. Optoma UHD51A (2018) https://amzn.to/2IubYii
  6. Epson Home Cinema 4010 https://amzn.to/35hE4Ye
  7. (2018) Optoma UHD65 (2017) https://bit.ly/31SuQPL
  8. LG PH450UG Minibeam Projector (2017) https://amzn.to/335NNi4


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