Android has a radical new brand


Android squeezes the carbs and says goodbye to sugar. The recent brand update, presented by Google today, presents a fresh language of logo and style, and ducks the iconic codenames of the dessert-themed OS.

So, let’s discuss the logo. The “bugdroid” robot of the old school has had some surgery and now only displays its head, rather than the whole body and the necessary appendages.

Similarly, the wordmark for Android is slightly slimmer. Each character is lower case, as with the previous two revisions. When you examine the new logo, however, you will notice that each character has been somewhat thinned, and serifs are now being added.

Essentially, the new wordmark for Android will always be attached to the updated logo and will never be shown alone. Not in an official context, at least.

Andrew Martonik at Android Central has written an incredible deep-dive into this new rebrand if you’re curious about what’s changed, and it’s the most thorough and authoritative piece of writing about it. It is really worth reading, especially if you are a nerd of design whose heart is wildly palpitating for subtle typographic modifications.

And yes, let’s just touch on the upcoming nomenclature for Android. Google will stop using the dessert-themed names for which it is renowned, starting with Android 10.

That’s for the best, arguably. While food-name codenames are more meaningful (and memorable) than generic version numbers, such as 4.4 or 7.1, there are obviously a finite number of names that have the cross-cultural recognition needed for a globally successful product such as Android.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to replace them. Google says the next Android version (codenamed Android Q) will be known only as Android 10.


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