How to share location on WhatsApp

How to share location on WhatsApp

The capacity to share your live place with your contacts is one of the most helpful instruments in WhatsApp, so you can readily meet and discover each other.

The option to share your location is somewhat hidden, though, so if you're new to WhatsApp or don't know about the cool function, you might have no clue how to do that.

That's why we've created this useful little guide to assist you learn how to share your live place on your mobile on WhatsApp. It's worth mentioning that this feature doesn't work on WhatsApp Web, so you can share your place only when you're using your phone's app.

How to share location on WhatsApp


To share your live location:
  1. Open a chat or group.
  2. Tap Attach  > Location  > Share live location .
  3. Select the length of time you'd like to share your live location. Your live location will stop being shared after the selected amount of time.
    • Optionally, add a comment.
  4. Tap Send .


First thing you need to do is open the chat with the individual with whom you want to share your place.

Find and pick the paper clip icon in the text box. This opens up a menu of different things, including sending a image or file, that you can attach to the message.

"Location" is one of the alternatives that comes up. Choose this and you will be taken to the screen of the place.

If you haven't done this before, you're going to need to give WhatsApp approval to use your phone's location monitoring characteristics–but you're only going to have to do this the first time.

Now you're going to get a list of places you can share, including your live place (which is precisely where you are, and when you relocate it will be updated), and landmarks close you.

Choose one of these locations and you will be able to choose how long you want to do it for–15 minutes, an hour, or eight hours–as well as any message you leave with the place sharing.

When you're ready to see your location for the other person or people, press the blue' send' arrow in the screen's bottom right corner and share your location.

Remember, in your discussion, the other individual or individuals can see your place without sharing their own, so remember to be secure and share your place with individuals you understand.