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Logitech Becomes Open Broadcaster Software’s First Diamond Sponsor on Open Collective

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We are pleased to announce that Logitech has become the first Open Collective Diamond sponsor of the OBS Project, showing a strong dedication to the growth of OBS.

Logitech began connecting individuals through computers more than 35 years ago, and now it is a multi-brand company developing products that bring individuals together through the development of music, gaming, video, and digital content. Together with Blue Microphones and Logitech G products, Logitech webcam solutions have helped customers share their enthusiasm, communicate and participate with their society and develop a distinctive identity in the broadcast room.

Users can actually save and restore their favourite streaming settings via OBS with the Logitech Capture app. Thus, it only makes sense to sponsor OBS growth for a business that creates instruments that streamers & broadcasters enjoy so much.

“We’re excited to become OBS’ first Open Collective Diamond sponsor. Over the years, OBS has become the most commonly used open source software suite for recording and streaming live. Logitech is dedicated to providing alternatives that simplify broadcasting and streaming, and working together with OBS is a natural way of demonstrating our dedication.

We look forward to partnering with OBS to create a user-friendly streaming experience, “said Guillaume Bourelly, Logitech’s Senior Portfolio & Product Manager.

Open Collective is a instrument that enables open source initiatives through fiscal sponsorship to raise funds from businesses and people. These funds can then be allocated in an accessible and transparent manner to developer group members. As OBS is a free program, sponsorship enables OBS creators to continue developing, supporting and enhancing the program in a sustainable manner. Learn more about Open Collective OBS sponsorship and see a complete list of all our sponsors. Our official website : obsproject.com

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