Original Chromecast no longer receives major updates, bugs and security fixes are committed by Google


Back in 2013, Google launched us all to the Chromecast, enabling us to watch films and more on our TV readily and affordably using our devices. The company has since released in 2015 and 2018 the 4 K Chromecast Ultra, the audio-only Chromecast Audio, and two hardware refreshments. It seems that after six years of service, by discontinuing significant updates, Google is starting to wind down its support for the initial, first-generation Chromecast.

As the name suggests, the Google Chrome browser is at the heart of every Chromecast, connecting to the web to stream the page or video you’ve requested. Like any other platform, it is necessary to update this underlying Chrome browser, and this is achieved by periodic firmware updates.

If you take a fast gander on the Google Support section detailing each Chromecast systems latest firmware version, you’ll probably notice that the initial Chromecast is updating much less than the other devices. While all the other Chromecast software is available on version 1.40.156414, version 1.36.157768 is the first Gen Chromecast all the way back. Looking at Chromecast firmware’s “Preview Program” variants paints an even worse image.

Using WhatIsMyBrowser.com data, we understand that the upper part of the Chromecast firmware version number shows approximately which Chrome version is being used. For instance, Chrome 70 is based on 1.36, while Chrome 74 utilizes 1.40— four greater variants.

Based on this, it appears that updates for the initial Chromecast are likely to continue to be depending on Chrome 70, which is already approaching the age of one. When updating to maintain the initial Chromecast running securely and without significant safety problems like the one we saw last year, Google can simply patch any needed safety fixes into the older version of Chrome.

Original Chromecast owners can be comfortable with the reality that, despite no longer getting significant updates, Google has given no indication that it will quickly cease to operate. However, to remain up-to-date, you should definitely consider having a new model to take benefit of stuff like 1080p at 60 frames per second and being part of a group of speakers.


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