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PUBG LITE Telugu Pro Players

Top 10 PUBG LITE Telugu Pro Players

  • saikumar's | ID: 7241501693
  • PavanPoluri | ID: 7250435496
  • KotiChepuri | ID: 7284564903
  • GunturuGopal | ID: 7247035456
  • Jeevanstar | ID: 7258223501
  • SrikanthM416 | ID: 7287881386
  • chekuveera | ID: 7257089339
  • leela1341 | ID: 722745598
  • Sevpu | ID: 7235735464
  • chary1212 | ID: 7287881386
  • SandeepMSP | ID: 7289930742
  • Naveen765 | ID: 7257650421


Top 5 improvements to PUBG Lite's keyboard control settings to become a pro player:

1. Healing Items : For each of them, the default buttons to use healing objects are different, which is very hard to learn and time consuming. So, go to the control settings UI option and select the left box in front of Heal Items and press V. You can use all the healing items with just one button.

2. Throwable Items : Again, with just one click, you can use the throwable objects. In the control settings, move to the UI option and you will find objects that can be thrown just above the heal items. In front of the throwable objects, click on the lest box and press G. And, in tight battles where you don't have enough time, it'll help you a lot.

3. Swap the keys : Toggle Firing Mode (B) and Unarm (X) keys should be interchanged. You should do this because you can easily change the firing mode in tight situations when you see an opponent because getting used to the X key is much easier than the B key.

4. Aiming Feature : In the control settings, go to the Combat option and you will note that both Target and ADS are using the right mouse button. But most of us do not use the versatility of Aim. To disable the Aim function, select the ADS option below Aim / ADS and right-click it. Then go to the Gameplay tab and adjust the Toggle to Keep value of ADS. Using this will make scoping simpler and improve your sniping and shooting skills a lot.

5. Using Map : The default setting for using the map is to press the M key. But to use the screen, you need to raise your hand as the M key is far away. In the final circle, or while driving, it will make it difficult to navigate the charts. Place the key of the chart near the key of the movement. To do this, go to the Graphics settings UI option and change from M to F1 the map key. Go to the Gameplay tab and change from toggle to hold the map setting.