Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Movie Review


Story : 

The film is based when the British Empire threatened the Indians in 1846 and took away all their hard-owned money. Renadu is a place in Rayalaseema that doesn’t bend down to the British brutality and one man, Narasimha Reddy(Chiranjeevi) is tall in his rebellion against the British. Okay, how was he going to fight? Who was he helped by everyone?And what finally happened? That’s the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

The film’s sheer scale is the first and most important thing that hits you with Sye Raa. Kudos to Ram Charan for putting such an enormous task. The film’s sheer size, star cast, fantastic visuals, and impressive VFX carry it a little higher.

For Chiranjeevi, Sye Raa has always been a dream project and he has lived as Narasimha Reddy in his role. Chiranjeevi has shown it all, be it his body language or strength as a freedom fighter. His performance is truly award-winning in crunching emotional scenes. The outburst of Chiru in the climax will bring most tears. Amitabh Bachchan is clean in a guru’s job.

In her sacrificial role, Tamannaah is neat and has a great screen presence. Nayanthara was perfect as the wife of Chiranjeevi. The two heroines are giving the movie a good star appeal. Composed fights are awesome and create good moments for fans. Jagapathi Babu has a great role to play and is awesome in the movie. His presence is felt by Vijay Sethupati. Kiccha Sudeep is doing well in the role of the jealous king.

The second half is where all the action is taking place. The highlighted war scene and thrills bring the movie to a completely different level.

The climax is the greatest asset to the viewer because it evokes positive feelings and patriotism. Ratnavelu’s camera work is amazing and gives a lot of excellence to the film. The cameo of Anushka is elegant and well set up.

In both halves, the movie has several thumping episodes and offers the fans the right moment to be content. The manner in which Chiranjeevi slices a British soldier’s head and several other scenes well elevate the suspense. Brahmaji, Ravi Kishan and other stars do well in their positions of support.

Minus Points :

The film begins on a thumping note with the entry of Anushka, but for a while the love story of Chiranjeevi and some routine love scenes slow the film. We get bogged down to the interval block’s last 25 minutes. The story is pretty straightforward as the film shows only the rebellion. Several battles and thrills were somewhat exaggerated with the British empire to make it too dramatic.

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