What is Google?

What is Google?

Google is a search engine that can be used to find a variety of information like websites, pictures, maps or even just a response to the crossword clue that drives you mad every morning!

Google utilizes a computer program called a' web crawler' that looks at the billions of websites on the World Wide Web and looks at their content to find' keywords.' Then it indexes these to facilitate the search engine's finding of the websites. So if you type in the search box, for example, the word ' holidays,' then Google will show you all the holiday information websites.

Google's key benefits and features

  • You can enter your query in a simple search box.
  • Responses are given almost instantly.
  • You can search for websites, pictures, news, maps, etc.
  • If you misspell a term or name, it will create recommendations for alternative search terms.
  • You can search in the UK or throughout the globe.
  • Google's own web browser, Google Chrome, was also created. The company has a huge commercial side to create and place on websites the advertisements you often see. Google Analytics is also a free service that can provide a huge amount of information about how a website works.

Google's safety features

  1. Allow SafeSearch to filter mature content
  2. Navigate the internet in personal
  3. Limit access to only authorized tablet applications and games